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Otto Lock

Sometimes you just need to stop a ne’er-do-well with no impulse control who’d hop on your bike while you’re getting coffee or something, and off he goes. You can disengage your front wheel from the dropouts and drop your chain so it lays slack, and that combo will probably befuddle a baddy. You can, as we have, locked your bike with a John’s Irish strap, buckled and tied complicatedly so as to make it hard to undo. All those are great ideas to keep in mind and use when you don’t have an Otto lock—the lock that sounds like it was named after the Founder’s Dog.
It’s a Zip-Tie made with five layers of Kevlar and three of steel, all covered with a rubbery plastic. Nobody’s wayward child is going to saw or cut through it with non-electric hand tools. It’s the world’s best lock for befuddling dummies and grab-and-go goons.
It comes in three lengths and we carry the best length: 30 inches. The 18’er is too short for lots of things. The 60 is too long to make small fast when you’re not using it (we have four of them here, so we know). The 30 is the length of geniuses and the one to get.  Best use: As stated above. Not for overnight parking at train stations, dark alleys, or college campuses.

Weight: 5.5 ounces, and it coils up tiny and goes anywhere.

Steel-O-Flex 896

30" (76cm), 155 grams

Made in the USA.

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