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Lock - OttoLock

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Otto Lock

Some people will go to their grave shouting and believing that the only way to rate a lock is by how long it takes a crook to break it—or how long it takes he LPL online guy, the "Lock Picking Lawyer," who delights in making life miserable for lock manufacturers under the guise, and it's a pretty good guise, of protecting your from crappy locks...while showing budding bicycle thieves how to break any lock. It's a complicated world out there, isn't it?

This Otto lock won't foil a pro, but sometimes it's perfect. I / Grant use it all the time, and it's the only lock I've used since I got one. I lock my bike outside the grocery store when I shop. I don't lock it overnight on a college campus or in an alley next to a lonely bar.

It befuddles dummies and grab-and-go goons, an comes in three lengths and we carry the best length: 30 inches, for quick-locks with one wheel, frame, and pole.

It can also supplement another lock, or other locking techniques:
You can disengage your front wheel from the dropouts and drop your chain so it lays slack, and then use ye olde Otto locke.

Or you can, as we have, lock your bike with a John’s Irish strap, buckled and tied complicatedly so as to make it a slow hassle to undo. All those are great ideas to keep in mind and use when you don’t have the lock that sounds like it was named after the Founder’s Dog.
Otto is a Zip-Tie made with five layers of Kevlar and three of steel, all covered with a rubbery plastic. It's light and compact.

Weight: 30-incher 5.5 ounces

Steel-O-Flex 896Made in the USA.