Now We Are Six


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A.A. Milne’s fourth and last book (1927) in the Pooh series, also poems—like When We Were Very Young. Same illustrator, always Ernest Shephard. They don’t do a lot of poetry in school anymore. Parents don’t like it, because they think it takes away from math or something, and will make their children less competitive in college. Not you, though! Here’s a random poem from Now We Are Six:


Knight in Armour


Whenever I’m a shining Knight,

I buckle on my armour tight,

And then I look about for things,

Like Rushings out, and Rescueings.

And savings from the Dragon’s Lair,

And fighting all the Dragons there.

And sometimes when our fights begin,

I think I’ll let the Dragons win…

And then I think perhaps I won’t,

Because they’re Dragons, and I don’t.

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