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NOT-A-NET For Baskets, but it does the same thing fantastically

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It's the fastest & easiest way to secure and then access your basket-load.

Only from the feudal minds at Rivendell Bicycle Works

We’re the last people on earth to talk you out of a basket net. But check out this bad-boy alternative (or for the overachiever, supplement). It's an easily assembled unassembled kit that includes:

• About 4 feet of elastic webbing

• RIVPAL mini-biner (not for climbing)

* side-release buckle

Note: Using both the RIVPAL and the side-release buckle is a belts+suspenders maneuver

• two sliders that you don't need if you'd prefer knots

We've tested the beta-version on at least 28 commutes and grocery runs, and 10 grocery runs. 

For the price of two cups of designer coffee you get:

  • 46.5 to 49+ inches of military-spec webbing, whatever color and suitable width we have, and you cut it in half yourself. The fraying ends are not a problem, but cover with masking tape if they bug you.
  • 2 plastic sliders, you don’t need 4, you don’t EVEN need 2, but they allow for some adjustability, which is overrated considering the elastic stretches.
  • one customized RIVPAL mini-biner. James wanted a cheery red.
  • one plastic side-release buckle.

These won't be assembled; we just tie them together in a loose slip-knot, and you take it from there. First thing, you cut the webbing in half, so you have two pieces, each 23-24 inches long. The images here will guide the rest of the way. Estimated assembly time on your first try: Three minutes. On your next try: 30 seconds. In a race after you've done it four or five times: 10 seconds