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Bridgestone Catalogue (1994)

Bridgestone Catalogue (1994)

I/Grant worked for Bridgestone Cycle (U.S.A.), Inc., from December 10, 1984 through September 30, 1994, when it closed down. Among other things, I wrote the catalogues, and the last three of them, the '92, '93, and '94 catalogues, were pretty good. They've sold for up to $25 on eBay, in fact. When Bstone closed, I rescued backstock from the dumpster, and now these are the only ones we have left. If you're interested in bike stuff, you'll easily get your moneysworth. Triple your money back guarantee. The 1994 Catalogue includes: " "Make It Last" " Var, the Toolmakers " Beeswax: Nature's Loctite " How to Ride a Bike Forever " How Green Thou Art " Play the Games Fairly - a review of bike technology at the Olympics " Part of the Job by Richard Sachs - on building bicycle frames with lugs " Stamped Steel Frame Parts and Butted Steel Tubes - how they're made " Hail to the Cheap " Wool and Why We Like It " Bike Design in the Nineties " Any Bike, Anywhere - using multipurpose bikes anywhere " Sand Casting " Steel, Aluminum, and Titanium frames - How They're Made " The Baseball Glove Story " The Bikes They Are a-Changin'

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