Rack - Nitto Mini-Front 32F, upper



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Note: 4.4 pound weight limit.

ALWAYS use this rack with a tether btw the tall tongue-loop and the handlebar. It's a strong little rack, but people do dumb things, and the tether is a safety measure. Make the tether out of cord or any adjustable strap, included.

If you're using V-brakes you may want to consider the Mark's Rack instead. If the v-brake arms aren't tall enough, they'll block the rack mount from entering the fork crown. If you're using cantis you can just use a longer straddle cable. 

When your bike has cantilevers or V-brakes and you just need a smallish rack up there for a bag or basket or stuff-sack, this is the best choice. Even Mark, of Mark's Rack fame, uses it on his bike with cantilever brakes.

It has a threaded rod that mounts through the hole in the fork crown hole that isn't used because your bike has cantilevers, and then each lower leg of it bolts to mid fork blade braze-ons, using totally foolproof, reliable, stainless steel, Nitto-made hardware. It's easy to mount, it mounts solidly, and any bike with a hole in the crown and mid fork blade braze-ons can be made more useful with this rack.

Another note: no longer has the light mount tab on the front.

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