Stem - Nitto HiRiser, Quill, 135mm x 25.4 (CR60)

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Fits any of our bikes or any other that uses a stem with a 22.2mm quill, which is 99.999 percent of the quill stem bikes out there. And it jacks the bar up to 2-inches higher than even the Nitto Tallux stem. Got an old mountain bike that has a million more miles in it, but you feel like the handlebars are too low? Put this stem on it.

Quill: 22.2mm (fits 1-inch threaded steer tubes)
Bar Clamp: 25.4mm
Extension: 135mm (measured along the side of extension from center of quill to center of clamp)
Angle: 120°
Material: CrMo, tig-welded, nickel-plated
Weight: 440g
*Max height line to center of stem clamp is about 20cm.

Nitto HiRiser vs Nitto Tallux 11cm — both stems are set to max height at top of holder and ~3.5cm from line to line on back wall.
Bosco x HiRiser vs Albatross x Tallux 11cm Bosco x HiRiser vs Bosco x Tallux 11cm

Compatible with our Albatross, Choco, and Bosco H'bars.
NOT compatible with our Albastache or Noodle H'bars. These use 25.4mm clamps.

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