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Now you even a software developer, bus driver, cruise ship lounge singer, structural engineer, doctor, lawyer, Indian Chief, waitress, hostess, teacher, dancer, ironworker, writer, photographer, artist, jobseeker, customr service provider, gardener, packer, shipper, caregiver, retiree, or bon vivant can wear the cap of a Nitto Factory Worker. It wasn’t easy or soon coming. Years ago during a Nitto visit, I couldn’t even buy one of these hats. “Only for workers.”

But now there’s more slack and we got the hats.

They’re Made In Japan, with Japanese details uncopied from other hats The back has two eyelets and adjusts like a shoe. The top is flat, like a Pittsburg Pirates hat, but probably not a copy.

It’s Nitto blue with white. Might be cotton, might be poly, might be a mix. Whatever---it’s nice fabric and a good hat. It’s doubtful we’ll get these in again. They cost a lot and tool a long time to get.

This medium is for heads measuring around 59cm. But there are laces on the back for making slightly bigger or smaller.

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