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Handlebar - Nitto Choco-Moose, CroMo dullbright 54cm (B910)

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Nitto Choco-Moose bar

This is our bar, with its most recent ancestor the epoch-making Albatross handlebar, but with a few tweaks that make make it a new species. Namely:
It’s flatter, with an inch of drop.
It’s 3 percent more ergonomic in the downward orientation, but what’s 3 percent? Three parts in a hundred, is the answer to that.
Also different (compared to the Albatross bar):
• straighter next to the stem, for arguably a 9 percent better grip there.
• longer sweep-bar/grip area, for a closer grip and a longer grabbable spot in front of the of the shifters/brake levers.

Like all our handlebars (barring the plain Bullmoose,) the Choco takes barend shifters and brake levers.

There are two variants:

CHOCO-MOOSE, with the triangulation that makes it moosey. It has to be stiffer and stronger, but the other is strong and stiff enough, so it’s mostly style. And this one retreats an extra inch-or so.

CHOCO, the standard solo bar style. It fits a stem with a 25.4mm clamp.

Assuming price is not the decider, how to pick:

If you’re putting it on a mountain bike or a bike for loaded touring, and that bike isn’t too small for you, get the CHOCO-MOOSE. Why not? It’ll work great.

For any roadish or touringish bike get the CHOCO-NORM.


CHOCOMOOSE: CrMo, 2.25lb, effective extension 12cm, 54cm wide. The Moose rises 6cm, sweeps back from the quill bolt 10cm. The forward hand position is about 13cm in front of the quill.

CHOCO-NORM: Heat-Treated 2014 Aluminum, 0.75lb, 54cm wide.

Not to indulge your obsession with weight, only to make apples-to-apples easier: A CHOCO-NORM with a 12cm Tallux stem weighs 9.6oz less than a CHOCO-MOOSE.

Since this bar is steel, please squirt some boeshield inside the bar and roll the goop around before installing it on your bike.