Handlebar - Nitto Albastache (aka new Moustache) Bar 26.0 (RM017)

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Nitto Albastache

It’s a modified version of the discontinued Moustache H'bar But it was heavily influenced by the Albatross bar, so we gave it half that name.

Compared to the original Moustache Handlebar:

• it’s almost two inches wider
• the curves are about an inch closer
• the drop (how much it curves down) is an inch less
• the grip comes back about two inches more

Like the Moustache, it still has a 26mm stem clamp and a 23.8mm bar (drop bar brake lever clamp). Mt bike brake levers and shifters won't work on this bar since that stuff is 22.2 clamp diameter. It’s the same 2014 T6 aluminum, still made by Nitto in Tokyo. Just think of it as the love child of the Moustache H’bar and the Albatross. If the original Moustache H’bar was too narrow or aggressive for you, but you liked other things about it, you’ll love this bar. If the Albatross bar is too tame for you, but you can’t deny it’s comfort, you’ll love this bar. Like all of our handlebars, it fits bar-end shifters.

An all-around bar good for road riding and touring. An alternative to drop-bar that allows more uprightness and a better climbing grip. Drop-bar fans won't give an inch as they defend their drops, but if you discount the aura and image of drops, this Albastache wins for most road riding.



Thanks to Jean in Quebec for this comparison photo:

Moustache is pink.

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