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MUSAette - a simple bag made of nice fabric. A Tuition Special!

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Ten dollars from each puchase goes to:

We are raising money to pay a year's tuition for a particular student. Yearly tuition is $15,000. Sales from this MUSAette will contribute $2,000. (We have 200)

The MUSAette is a 12.5 x 16 " musette made of the water resistant, cotton fabric we used to make Burrito wrap tool rolls out of back in the day. It's MUSA, not Sackville, because we had these made in Emeryville by the same people who make our pants and shorts. This fabric was used for daypacks in the '70s and is currently used to cover up yachts and protect the decks from gull poop.

There are no slider or buckles, but, like all classic musettes, you can tie a knot to get the bag higher up on your back. The main pic shows where the bag sits unknotted.

These are good to have in another bag in case you need a bit more capacity, or if you're commuting on your stripped down bike and just need to bring a book or some tools.  If you don't want it to slide forward like these types of bags generally do, tie a tight knot and don't put too much weight in it. The fabric is textured enough that it grips to a shirt pretty well. It don't need no stinkin' inside pockets; it works great as is.