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Musa Cycling Baggies - Brown

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SAD FLASH: We're sold out. It takes 7 months to get them and we sell out in a day and a half. It's not good, does NOT make us happy, and we need to manage stuff like this better for you. Can't blame everything on Covid, but there was a shutdown that delayed things, and we didn't  have enough money to buy tons of fabric and commit to more. We'll do that now, are working on it already. 

The plan is to get more baggies/knickers AND more long pants AND short pants, and by dog, if we have to use our line of credit to do that, we will. If you read the BLAHG and Will's weekly updates, you'll be kept aprised. 

Cycling Baggies (formerly “knickers”)

These are based on our old classique knickers, but with a few changes, mostly improvements. The thing is, we aren’t a clothing company with a staff of pros, a team for pockets, a team for waist, a team for inseam or whatever else. We hire out for help with the patterns and markers. What we are is conscientious, honest, and experienced with the garments we offer, so you can trust what we say.
They’re sewn 17 miles from us by a sewing shop we’ve seen and it seems like a pleasant, light, open, clean space.

We’re going to sell out of these, and the middle sizes might not last a week. If you return them, fine, but we’ll probably be out of the next size up or down, so we’ll give you credit. Cash returns on expensive stuff that we barely break even on hurts too much.
We’ll get more in as we can. The next color will be kind of a sage-y green and they may be 7 to 8 months (July, August) out.

    •    MUSA military fabric, slight stretch, Berry-compliant (google it).  Instead of the all-nylon, they’re like 96-4 nylon and spandex.  I know this veers off our tweed-and-orgo cotton vibe-theme, but these are better for riding.

    •    The belt-elastic is also Berry/Military spec.  The best in the world, or at least the country. It doesn’t have to be, but it really is. It’s not stitched  in, so it’s what we here call “theoretically replaceable.” You can get your own ¾-inch elastic and buckle. They won’t wear out, anyway.

    •    Orange mesh pockets with blue trim. Good water drainage and heap mucho fun, if that’s allowed.  They’re  inside pockets, not orange outside.

    •    No buttons on the rear pockets.  I never used mine, so I made this unilateral call. I doubt there’s a person in the world who’d put a wallet back there and take the time and develop the dexterity to button it, so we have button-free pockets.

    •    No adjustable bottom-of-leg straps.  I always felt my floppy straps as I pedaled, so out the window they unilaterally went.

WAIST: The CUT is the same as before, but there’s less gathering of elastic, so it feels looser. Basically, they’re more vanity-waisted now.  If you have our old ones you can get the same size or one size down.

BUTT-‘n-THIGHS: Big & baggy.

LEG LENGTH: They’re either short long-pants or long knickers. At full length, they’re closer to your ankle than your calf.

The lower opening is too wide to hike up over most calves and have them stay put. Easily fixed with a needle and thread, but most people can’t handle that, and were sorry. If you’re between sizes, you can comfortable size down, and that’ll help.

These are more “covering” than classically flattering. They’re like two long wide tubes. You won’t fill them out. But they’re perfectly good even on-the-town if you’re already got a significant other, and on a bicycle, they’re the best bottoms in the land. They’re not waterproof, and we opted out of a DWR  (durable water repellent) surface treatment, because they’re already fast-dryin’ nylon, and the DWR treatment isn’t green or durable enough to last even 1/8 the life of these pants, which I estimate (your mileage may vary) is about five and a half years if you wear and ride in them a few hundred days a year.

Color is a dark tan—a medium brown, two notches darker than the color that’s sometimes known in the garment industry as “British tan,” like what British high-ranking military officers wore during WWII. The photos are pretty accurate.

SIZING: See other  images.