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In the early 20th century all cyclists, unless they wanted to be ridiculed and ostracized, wore capes. It was and is the perfect garment for a chilly morning when there's a good amount of climbing early on in the ride. A light button up, like Sergio is wearing above, with a cycling cape is perfect for keeping your core warm without making you sweat under the arms and sapping your energy. Vests are more popular nowadays, but you don't need the extra material on your flanks and stomach, and the cape is easier to take off while you're riding - It's easy to unclasp the pin and throw it into a basket or handlebar bag.

On fast descents, the cape will puff out behind you and keep you planted while taking corners, like a spoiler does on a race car. If you feel unsafe while cornering on road, the cape will make a big difference in your descending confidence. Even if you pick a bad line, the cape will subtly correct it.

In a headwind, the cape acts like the wings on a plane and pushes you upward, which makes the whole bike a smidge lighter and makes pedaling easier, even in gale force winds.

Riv customer, wealthy industrialist, philanthropist, and randonneur legend Dr. Van Nostrand started using a cape on Paris Brest Paris in 2015 and his times have improved ever since - he also reports that it makes a passable blanket when he catches a few z's in a ditch between controls.

Capes fell out of fashion when bike riding got competitive and the focus of cycling clothing turned to aerodynamics rather than comfort and practicality. Since we're dedicated Unracers, we're bringing the cycling cape back as our latest MUSA item. It has our MUSA label at the back, but it's easily unstitched for fully logo-less trail riding.

It's made from Swiss Toggenburg Goat leather, which is world renowned for it's hot and cold weather performance and near waterproof hide. It'll keep you cool when it's hot and warm when it's not, and if there's a sudden shower, the rain will roll right off your back.

On cold, blustery days, pair it with one of our best selling windshields (seen below), halfmitts, thumbs, shinshields, and splats for cycling bliss.

Our first run (8 capes but we have 160 on order) will include our old safe-rider Sheriff star as a clasp - future ones will have a more generic toggle.

Not everyone will like it, and you might get the occasional snide comment from the lycra crowd, but discerning cyclists know how big of a difference a cape can make.

One size fits all and if it's too long, you can cut it with scissors. $360.