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Mora Companion Heavy Duty knife

Mora Companion Heavy Duty knife


Mora Companion HD
More cut-n-poke for the buck than any knife in the world. They’re made in Sweden by an old knifemaker who one day many years ago said something like, “Screw it—the wooden handles, the leather sheaths, the artisanal touches—screw it all! Let’s make great knives that the poorest hobo can afford!” And they’re doing that. You get ultra-grippy plasticky rubber handles; a plastic sheath that can’t get cut or get wet, and has a drain hole in it; and Swedish steel. On that point, we specifically ordered carbon steel, not stainless. Stainless is fine, but harder to sharpen, and always has that “just got this knife at Target” look that appeals to some, but not to us. Don’t worry about rust. Wipe your blade before putting it away—we don’t need a video on how to do that. Let’s say it gets a bit of rust on it: Leave it, or remove it with steel wool or naval jelly. Nobody has ever rusted a knife blade through, and this thick carbon steel on these Mora babies chortle at moisture, fear not the rust. Carbon steel is easier to resharpen, and that way way way more than makes up for stainless steel’s slight edge-holding ability. Trust us on this.

Companion HD: A thick 3.5mm spine with a 4-inch blade that must be better for fighting off fatter animals or slicing turkey. Four inches is the maximum legal limit in some places. The CHD’s spine has a 90-degree angle on it, better for shaving shavings off of fatwood to make a pile of tinder for a fire. Right.

Carbon steel, blade length: 4.1", width: 0.125" or 3.2mm, comes with sheath. Made in Sweden

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