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There are a dozen or more home-mechanic type repair stands out there, and not a one is lousy. We haven't tried them all, but we have tried many, and this is the one we prefer. Seat post grabber (sold separately) grips a short section of exposed seat post, and releases it in an instant without monkeying with clamps. This makes it all so easy to do that 5 second quick chain lube or derailer adjustment. Of all the good home bike stands available, this one is by far the easiest one to use if the top of your saddle is 17cm or less above the top of the seat tube.

Another neat thing is how well the bike balances on it. This is a weak point with most home-mechanic stands, but this Minoura is really good, hard to tip over. It's adjustable, foldable, easy to transport, and well made in Japan. If you work on bikes a lot, you need a stand, and you'll be hard put to find one any better than this.

Get the tool tray unless you like working on your bike with your tools and parts all over the ground.


WE DO NOT SHIP THIS ITEM INTERNATIONALLY. (It would exceed the cost of the stand.)
  • Easy to carry and store lightweight alloy maintenance stand
  • Designed with help from Boeing engineers
  • Completely foldable for easy storage
  • V shaped foot bars keep the design lightweight yet very sturdy
  • Fully adjustable clamp height
  • One lever to open, close and adjust pressure of the clamp
  • Can hold up to 65mm diameter tubing
  • 360 degrees rotatable clamp design to keep the bike at the best angle
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