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Luxos-B Dyno Headlight

Luxos-B Dyno Headlight

Huge robot-looking dyno light from Germany. This may all change tomorrow, but the Busch&Muller Luxos IQ2 is arguably the best LED dyno light on the market, kicking even the Schmidt EDeluxe off its throne. Schmidt will surely catch up with his own glass-lensed and refined version of this IQ2 mirror technology, but in the meantime get this one, it's German good. If you can handle its odd shape and hard plastic bottom half you'll pay about half the cost of the Schmidt and get the newer newest news.

Luxos-B is the model. There is a fancier version of the Luxos called Luxos-U which has a wired handlebar control center with USB charger that costs twice as much. You'll need a hub dynamo to make this work. You can see in the picture the big wad of wire ziptied to the fork crown. The wire comes long enough to mount on the handlebar and you can cut it to length or bunch it up.

Comes set up for fork crown mounting, which is standard for European style dyno rigs. The one we carry is the "standard" version, with 54cm of wire.You can pull the metal fork crown mount off and use our R&M handlebar mount. Because the light field is so wide, it only makes sense to mount it above the tire, in FRONT of your rack, or on the handlebar. Mounting on fork blades or at the axle or on the side of a rack only works for narrower beams. You'll be wasting the potential of this amazing light.

In Germany you have to have it on. 70 LUX which is as bright as dyno lights get. Don't confuse this with lumens. Lumens is the output, but lux measures illumination in relation to distance from light source. You can get high-lumen headlights with crummy reflectors and unfocused beams that won't light up the road very well. If you want to learn more about beam patterns and lux measurements in exhausting detail grab a bowl of popcorn and follow the link below. Read much more here.

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