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What you don't want in a lip balm:

super waxy like the main famous brand that stretches your lips when you put it on, and is really hard to rub on in cold weather.

super slippery like most of the natural brands with aloe vera etc. They come right off your lips and drift onto your tongue.

well, folks, the country's biggest chain of whole foods sells its own brand right there at the checkout stand, and I got one last night because I was there and on a night ride, and it was cold, and I fell for the "honey-vanilla" enticement. Since I don't eat tons of honey anymore, I thought I'd get my hit of it in a $2 tube of lip balm. If you want your lips to smell like the candle section at Target, with that super perfumey sandalwood incense thing going on, I highly recommend that one.

LIPIVO is the opposite of all of those, and is the best lip balm we and many others have used, and that has nothing to do with its being the first commercially made lip balm ever (since 1903) and everything to do with it's subtle flavor (pepperminty vanilla) and especially it's most charming quality of staying on without being too waxy, and never-but-never drifting onto your tongue.
A few times a year we have non-bicycle people call us up looking for it, having heard from the maker that we offer it. Always its a case of their local source not stocking it anymore because it doesn't sell, and it never doesn't sell because it's no good, but only because the tube is black and boring (as it was in 1903), and it doesn't have an SPF. If you need an SPF balm that's one thing. When you don't and at night, use this.

At $2 per tube, it's also maybe the cheapest lip balm out there. All in all, not bad.

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