Lansky Butterfly Sharpener




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Opinions about as to what the best tool is for sharpening, and how to go about it. If you want to join the fray or watch read the fury as a lurker, go online. Otherwise, get this baby. It's not the only sharpener we use—we have a bunch that we bought in the early experimental days, and we try to use them all, and it's fun to run an ax through the gauntlet of them; but limited to one and with half an eye on the budget, this is our best-fav, and here's why:


• No water or oil required, so it's not messy.

• It folds, so it's easy to carry.

• They've got the safety and ergonomics dialed. It's feels good and you'd have to try hard to cut yourself when you flip the head and grind toward the blade.

• Diamond bits magically connected to steel.


If you have an ax (or a knife), you need this. Two sides—medium and fine grit. I/Grant have sharpened ax heads at least 150 times with one, and it seems unfazed.

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