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Kool Stop's Best Cheap Brake Shoes - Sold in pairs

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Short story:

World's best rubber, best deal in replacement V-brake pads we know of. Made by Kool-Stop. Suitable for most caliper (non-disc) brakes. They come with no instructions, and there's no front-and-back. If you know how to mount brake shoes, if you understand the quite simple concave/convex washer system, you'll find these to be easy. 


Long story:

Once in a while things that cost less work way better than the same kinds of things that cost way more, and that's what's going on with these brake pads. Made by Kool-Stop. Here's about them:

(1) The rubber was developed for rim braked electricMotor bikes, the kind that weigh up to 60lbs and go up to 30mph. A full half the time the brakes are not well-tuned, so when the pad meets the rim, there has to be some really good stuff going on between them, to make up for the looseness, the friction elsewhere, and weak hands. This is Kool-Stop's best rubber, and it was developed right there inside the shop.


(2) They're only 2-inches (50mm) long, which is 4mm shorter than standard road pads, and 23mm (about 7/8-inch) shorter than normal V-brake pads. This is just as big of a deal as the rubber, maybe more. It means that with many V-brakes, with a little filing, you can open them up wider to install or remove a fat tire without deflating it. It depends on the brake, we haven't tested all of them.  If that means nothing to you, it's because you've never had to do it, and's not a benefit. Two inches is more than enough for any braking.


(3) The pads are straight, not curved "to fit the curve of the rim." This is not a big deal in a two-inch pad. Curving the pads came about when pads got longer.


(4) The rubber is THICKER than on any long, curved V-brake pad. So it'll last longer.


(5) We have used, and I/Grant still use, the same compound in a 40mm ultra-stubby pad. It is the most positive braking I've ever had, even at 40mm, and the pads wear a long time. So if you're thinking "ehhh, kind of short...and not curved...naaahh, I'll hold off"—that is fine. But if you want the best pads for the least price, these are them, right here.