JIM SHOES for V-brakes

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The problem with EVERY currently available V-brake is that they'r'e too long and skinny, and they hit the frame and fork before opening wide enough to insert or remove a fat tire.

They're 72mm long and come nearly, essentially, pre-worn out. There's not enough pad left for longterm braking wear. I wasn't invited to the meeting that decided this, so I don't know whether the length drove the thickness, or the other way around. Certainly, if they were 72mm long and thicker (for longer wear), they'd block tires even more. Maybe you'd have to deflate even a 45mm tire to get it in and out.

But if you thin the pad for better clearance and keep it short like a 54mm road pad, it would wear out faster. So they make them 72mm long, and it's like they're all the Three Stooges at the design table. Either that or just mean. 

JIM PADS are the solution. They're thicker for longer wear. THey're shorter and come with an offset brake shoe holder that lets the whole thing pass clean by seat stays and fork blades, so there's never any tire interference.

We've been working on a new V-brake design that uses standard road-length shoes, with centered post and all. Stock road shoes. It's still a good idea, and that's its most important feature, just not it's only good feature.  But now, shoot, it's less necessary. If you have Shimano or Tektro or any other standard V-brake, you can mount JIM PADS and get the clearance you need, so you can sleep well at night, knowing the rest of the world may be against you, but we're on your side. Welcome!