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Ibex Wool Arm Warmers

Ibex Wool Arm Warmers

These are are 84 percent wool, thick and nearly windproof, and sized to make you feel like your arms are too skinny (so buy a size smaller than you would ordinarily). They're the most substantial arm warmers out there, and in the world of arm warmers, they are also hands-down the best value around. They're made by Ibex, and although that usually means a high price, these are a mere $40; and that's with U.S. labor, of all things.

Ibex logo embroidered only on one of the sleeves.

Small: 17" long and 5" at bicep.

Medium: 19" long and 5.5" at bicep.

Large: 19" long and 6" at bicep.

These numbers aren't all that easy to interpret, so try this: They're on the big side. If you don't pump iron and aren't all that fat, get a small. If you can do ten or so pull-ups and you weigh more than 168 pounds, get a medium. If you have big arms, go for the large.

They go UNDER your short-sleeves.

Nice warmers!

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