Mathematical Hoodie, Navy



Product Details

It's Will's favorite brand of hoodie, Gildan, and If it's Will's favorite brand, it's good. Will is extremely picky, seriously. He pays insane attention to details.

It's 100 percent formerly unacceptable 50/50 cotton-poly blend that in Covid times doesn't seem as much like the end of the world as it once did. It feels great, fits well, shrinks a bit, and has nothing funky in the details. Equally worth noting, it's not one of those insane $100 hoodies that seem to be the rage among the wealthy tech-set who buy a hoodie for balance, but cave in and get the $100 job.  This one is just your basic, American-brand/made in some developing country hoodie. 

In the classic style of the hoodies of yore, it has ye olde muffe pocket, good for warming hands or carrying things you don't mind losing.

The front logo is us and small; the bigger back logo is part Pythagorean Theorem and part hieroglyphics. In the beautiful, honest, irrefutable language of mathematics it means nothing is greater than or equal to a bicycle.

The bicycle shown has no saddle or handlebars, because I wanted to keep the wheels big, and the neuroplasmotic flexibility in a healthy brain fills in the blanks so it doesn't matter. If you wear hoodies and ride a bike, this garment is a natural. Even indoors at home, it feels right as you remind your family what you're thining about when you're not thinking about them.

Will (6'2, 165 pounds) is wearing an XL in the pictures, but he generally gets larges.

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