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Handlebar - Tosco Bar 60cm



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It’s like a mid-rise BOSCO bar, and here’s the story, sorry to drag you through this, it’ll be quick: Wald makes a high-rise, sweepy back bar called the #872. I/Grant have ridden that a lot, all in the olde dayz, but it was good and I liked it. Not good enough for our bikes for various reasons that are real but not worth going into now. So we asked NITTO to do a similar bar, the BOSCO, with an improved shape, tons more strength, a lustrous finish, and if it cost 5x as much, so be it.

BLUE LUG then asked NITTO for a variant, a low-rise version they call the LOSCO. Is the “L” for “low”? We assume so, have not asked. We sell that one too, it’s really nice.

We then asked NITTO for a mid-rise version, but NITTO was swamped when we asked, and couldn’t do it. So we went to Taiwan, to our FORK maker, no less, and after a year and a few prototypes, we got the lovely hybrid of BOSCO and LOSCO: the TOSCO (for “Taiwan Bosco”). Excellent all-around trail or road bar.



Two super hand positions—the normal grip for downhills and general cruising; the foregrip for cruising a hair faster, climbing, and any off-the-saddle riding.

For now, one width: 60cm. That’s less than an inch wider than the wide BOSCO.

Clamp diameters: both 25.4mm and 31.8mm.

Fits bar-end shifters: Yes, we know.

Finish: Silvery, good enough for any bike, but not up to NITTO standards.

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