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Handlebar - Nitto Bullmoose, dull bright FILLET BRAZED - (B901R) - threadless

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The Bullmoose Bar - Threadless (clamp-on)

For threadless headset 1-1/8" (28.6mm) steering systems, like most mountain bikes and most non-mountain bikes now use.

150mm reach

Fillet brazed CrMo, made exclusively for us by Nitto--who used to make 5000 of them per month in the early '80s. Five-thousand, not 500. Not per year, per month

A modern threadless variant of the handlebar that emerged in the early '80s with the mountain bike. It's no less good now, it's just way more expensive to make.  That combined with the onset of the weight-obsessed mtn bike in 1985 killed it.

The Bullmoose bar is still unequaled for rough terrain. You're a burley guy and ride rough terrain and land hard over bumps,  this is the problem solver for you. The 66cm wide bar gives you the leverage you need, and if you don't need it, cut off an inch or so. But try wide first.

This particular variant is our own. It retains the signature triangle and the expansive width of the originals, but with two subtle differences that make it the best one yet (so we think).

(1) The far end of the triangle is curved. It looks just as good as a flat side, but offers a friendlier place to perch your hands, if you want a change-of grip. These Bullmoose bars offer a good change of pace from the originals, without looking like a whole new bar.
(2) The grip-part sweeps back a bit more, for a more ergo position that feels more normal and slightly improves climbing.

They're CrMo steel, fillet-brazed by Nitto. That's the way it was back then, and there's no way to improve on that part.

Weight: 780 grams (27.5 ounces)
Reach: 150mm

Finish: nickel plated dull bright satin silver

Fits the universale 22.2mm mountain bike shifters, grips, brake levers. 

Since this bar is steel, please squirt some boeshield inside the bar and roll the goop around before installing it on your bike. Or any other rust-preventative. Your hardware store sells plenty of them, cheap. It's not super necessary, but why the hell not? Seriously.