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Hunt-Wilde Finger Grips

Hunte-Wilde has made handlebar grips since the early 1900s, and equipped – literally – 9 million American-made bikes a year for decades. Gone-soft modernists won’t like the hardness of them, but when the bars are the right hight, there’s hardly any weight on your hands, your won't feel hardness in your hands.
These feel instantly nostalgic. They’ll make your  hands feel like kids’ hands again, and there's zero functional demerit. They fit on all of our uprightish handlebars. There’s a hole in the end for streamers, and if you want to get weird that way, it's easy to rig something up made out of anything that'll blow in the wind. For all-around getting around, ride them like they are, and you’ll love them.
Let's say you want to augment them. No grip is more augmentable. Wrap them with bar tape to change the color and texture; you still get the finger grip bumps. Lay a strip of foam down on the top length, holding it there with bar tape or twine. Experiment, go nuts, or ride them as they come.

Sold one at a time and they'll only work on mtn bike 22.2mm (7/8") diameter bars, they're too small for 23.8mm diameter of drop bars.

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