Gransfors Bruk Splitting Maul 450


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Mod 450: Splitting Maul (OK for pounding wedges)
  • It’s 31 inches long total, with a 5.5lb splitting head for driving tough wood apart or easy wood apart with hardly a swing at all. A heavy head does so much of the work for you, and can be safer for splitting because the weight does a lot of the work on mild wood. When you really haul back on it, though, it’ll split tough wood as well or better than any splitter made, including the funky YouTube sensation gizmo splitting ax, so don’t try to turn us on to that one.

Gransfors Bruk is a tiny hatchet maker in Sweden, and makes the best ones in the world. They have hickory handles and forged steel heads, and each of the too many models is made and signed by a single hatchet-maker. Calling them “old school” addresses the materials and methods, but lots of things play on the “old school” charm and are actually kind of backward and crappy. These are super.

Snow & Neally is an excellent American-brand axe from Maine, more than 100 years old. Their axes cost half as much or less, and are super values, but it’s not the same axe as a Gransfors Bruk. It’s an excellent axe, maybe even a better value, but S&N is not the vertical operation that Gransfors Bruk is, with everything made right there. The heads on S&N axes are made in ‘na, handles are made in Texas, and this allows them the volume and cost savings to be a major supplier. Granfors Bruk makes the best in the world.

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