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JIM Front Derailer - "sub-compact," sub-c, braze-on style, IRD brand, made by microSHIFT

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You'll need to get this derailer clamp unless you have a braze-on.

Jim Porter of Somafab has a way of getting things many people can't, and it comes in handy for us (and you) over and over. This is a discontinued microSHIFT front derailer, with an IRD sticker on it. "Interloc Racing Design" was a boutique brane in the '80s, and Jim bought it.)

This JIM derailer (our name for Jim-ish products) is the last of these luscious and shiny silver ones. And, it also seems to be the last of the front derailers with simple, straightforward, obvious cable routing. We've become inured to the new styles with solvable puzzle routing, but still prefer the old, and this is one of the last-of-'em, and certainly is the best looking of the last-of-'em.

On our bikes, with our cranks, it works with big chainrings as small as 34t and up to 48, I think. It works for road and touring chainlines, but not mountain chainlines. 

 It'll shift to a 48mm chainline. A SILVER crank with a 107-to-113mm spindle, for sure, but probably not the 118. With the 118, or with any bike with a mountain crank or long bb spindle, or a 73mm bottom bracket shell, use the magical microSHIFT "skeleton key" derailer HERE.