Fatty Rumpkin 650B x 41 tire, Force Field, Blue label




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Force Field Fatty Rumpkin

We wanted a 40-44mm Schwalbe 650B, but it wasn’t happening, so in the looooong meantime we had the original Fatty Rumpkin armored-up to Schwalbe-plus standards, resulting in a super stout, wonderful all-purpose 650B tire. It’s great for commuting, where if you get a flat your trip is ruined. It’s great for trails, where rocks can cut thin sidewalls. For a tour, super, because who in his or her right mind likes to fix flats on a loaded bike?

It has a bead-to-bead double layer of super fabric that makes the sidewalls almost knife-proof. We expected it black, but it came to us reddish brown, almost but not quite like a Continental. It looks good on any bike.

It’s about 40-41mm on a 23mm rim, and will be a bit fatter as the rim gets wider. The weight is not that bad: 700g 620g*. That moves it out of the lightweight category, but you cannot get all the good toughness of this tire without the extra material that jacks the weight up. Don’t by any means think it’s a special purpose war tire. It’s just up-armored Fatty Rumpkins made to put on and not think about. You may get a flat, but if you do, be comforted knowing any tire would have flatted.

Wire *Now with a lighter Kevlar bead. But since the tread is so meaty, the tire cannot be easily be folded.

Get the OG Rumpkin if you want a lighter and tan sidewall tire.
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