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I/Grant am not much one or one much for nostalgic look-back books in general, and especially not in the field of bicycles. I want information, not fluff...and I love this book because even though it's nice-looking, it's also jam packed with information and photos that tell the story. So it may look kind of like a coffee table book, but it's a book for readers, not just page-flippers until somebody refills the cashew bowl. It's fascinating, interesting, well-written by the only guy qualified to write it: Charlie Kelley, one of the few, maybe four, fantastic founders of the mountain bike movement.

The others went their ways--Fisher with his line of bikes and his work with Trek, Ritchey with his bike company, Breeze with his...and in all the hoopla and decades since it started in the late late '70s, Charlie Kelley has laid low until this magnificent book. He is a really good writer. And Joe Breeze wrote a wonderful intro to this book.

If you're at all interested in bikes or history, you will love this book, and you'll read every page. I am and I did, and if you like it half as much as I did, it's worth twice the price.


11.3in x 9.75in x 1in 264p

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