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Fancy Riv Fridge Magnets (all profits to charity)

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Fancy Magnet - 1 1/4 inch across

Riv-logo hand-glued with varying degrees of neatness (concentricity, glue-squish) and with assorted reputable glues to a strong rare earth magnet. It’s highly unlikely that disc & mag will become separated, but if it happens, get yourself some Gorilla Glue gel and reglue it.

The FANCY pins are cloisonné, a fancy French process where liquid glass is poured into enclosed closet-like sections which keep the colors separated. Cloisonne, close, and closet all basically mean the same thing.  Religious trivia: cloister is in there, too.

All profits (selling price minus our material cost, not charging for glueing time which is considerable) will go to the California Coalition of Women Prisoners. I want to make something clear: We’ve had these pins and magnets before, but it’s been a while. We’re bringing them back now for the sole purpose of raising money for the CCWP, as an ongoing way to give money to good causes. We make zero on these, so  you can consider your purchase a charitable donation with you getting a neat piece of hardware in the bargain. If we sell out, that donation will be about $3,500.