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Eldi/Unior No. 61 Pedal Wrench - 19051

Eldi/Unior No. 61 Pedal Wrench - 19051

Donate every other pedal wrench you own to the local earn-a-bike program. The best pedal wrench is the venerable ELDI No. 61, now called the Unior 61, since Unior bought ELDI. On the day your will is read and your goodies are distributed to your heirs, somebody will be glad you had the good sense to buy it. It is the best. Tip: Hold the wrench in the middle to do the final snugging during installation (or, if you hold the end, go light). That way, you won't have to wrestle as much when you remove them. Long, heavy, solid hardened steel; and rustproof. What a beaut, and our price is ridiculously low. 5mm wide at the tips, so it's narrow enough to fit the thinnest pedal flats! HINT: Put the chain on the outer sprocket in case you will still hurt but maybe it won't draw any blood. "Drawing blood" is not the worst thing in the world, but when it's easy to avoid it, then that's the thing to do. In our opinion, although you're free to disagree. And: The right pedal (drive-side) is normal, right-hand threaded (counterclockwise loosey...) and the left pedal is reverse, left-hand threaded (counterclockwise Tighty...).

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