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Dutch Triple Side Strap

Dutch Triple Side Strap


Big picture: It's a stretchy strap with identical metal retainers at each end, and you slip the holes in the retainers over a bolt head that's not flush to something else. We supply the bolts, most threaded bosses on bikes fit M5 bolts, so the supplied M5 x 20mm bolt will fit fine. You get two of them, and two M5 nuts, as well. Every bike will offer different opportunities, but the process is simple and so, so worth it. These are great straps, really useful and yet totally out of the way when you're not using them.

The easiest-to-mount and use strap. The Double Strap is great--not saying it isn't--but these are easier to mount. They're so effective and cheap that they should be on every bike you have (with a rack...).

Five colors, black, blue, green, purple, orange. We pick your color; that way, we don't have to have five different part numbers. They're all good. Made in Holland.

Now including mounting hardware as shown in the last photo up there. Watch Vid and learn how we use em

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