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Handlebar Grip - Dutch Paddle. SOLD ONE AT A TIME

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SOLD ONE AT A TIME, so you can mix-match and be cool.


Made in Holland, land-o'-bikes. Rubbery, grippy, ultra-ergonomically shaped, and 110mm long (that's about normal). 


(1) Some riders like the beavertail part horizontal--pointing to 3:00 on the left, 9:00 on the right. 

(2) There's nothing wrong with that, but MANY riders like the beavertails angled up: Left pointing to 1:30, Right pointing to 10:30. That puts more of the weight on the fatty base of your thumb and less on the less fatty part below your baby finger.

To mount the grip, squirt some Purell on the bar, rub it around, and go for it.  Or hairspray. Don't go chintzy, or they'll go on halfway and stick. 

They fit Albatross, Bosco, Choco, and every city bike or mountain bike handlebar ever made in the last 120 years.

SOLD ONE AT A TIME, remember.