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Dia-Compe Mod 750 Centerpull Brakes

Dia-Compe Mod 750 Centerpull Brakes


If you've been riding bikes forever, you still haven't seen these new in at least 25 years; but these are new, made this year. And, if you're newer than that to bikes, you may never have seen or noticed them.Well they're back and we like them. We won't sell many of them; that would require an all-out campaign, and we haven't the time nor loot nor interest in that sort of wacky activity. But they beat most sidepulls in clearance, they stop you just fine, and they have symmetry that not only looks good, but works great. The minimum reach is 63mm, so they won't fit on most bikes, but if you have an older road bike with lots of clearance OR are thinking about a Saluki, these are an excellent choice. Don't just dive into them; know they're right for your bike, first. Nutted mounting hardware front and rear. The maximum reach is 78mm. Price is for the pair (one bike's worth).

Rear mounting bolt is 45mm, front mounting bolt is 60mm.


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