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Dia Compe Gran Compe ENE R1 Water Bottle Cage

Dia Compe Gran Compe ENE R1 Water Bottle Cage

It’s the newish style that looks un-trad but works fine for normal plastic bike water bottles, and works better than trad cages for stainless steel bottles with longer fat sections (that’s how they all are). So basically—it’s truly an all-around design, and its non-tradness shouldn’t scare you off, because it didn’t scare us off.

Really neatly made, tidy, clean…and not that it matters a ton, but it’s light. Spread the love: Send Dia-Compe your water bottle money via us, who will skim a bit off the top for our tremendous trouble!

Very similar to the King Iris but different:

- slightly smaller diameter tubing than the Iris
- shinier finish than the Iris
- a little longer than the Iris
- the R1 has tabs on the mounting plate for those of you who don't have braze-ons and have to clamp your cage to your bike
- the position of the bottle limit loop goes over the bottle, not under

Put something both really pretty and practical on that bike of yours.

Around 46 grams.

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