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Devold Wool LS Expedition Zip Neck, Men's - Forest green

Devold Wool LS Expedition Zip Neck, Men's - Forest green


At the end of the last century, we sold basically this same Devold top, but then it went out of circulation and I was personally morose. Now it’s back and it’s a two-layer knit. The inner that touches your skin is 100 percent merino wool; the outside is 90 percent merino with 10 percent nylon, for toughness. I don’t think it needs the toughness, but it’s there, and it’s only 10 percent of the outer layer, and it doesn’t touch you, anyway. The cuffs have thumbholes, but you don’t have to use them.

DEVOLD SIZING: Cut for lean lumberjacks and cross-country skiers, so buy up a size if you want a normal fit, and up two sizes if, like me, you want to leave room for a meal in there. The sleeves will be long, but so what? And if the body is too long, you can cut it off with a scissors. It looks normal, nobody will say anything, and it won't fray. This is a lovely top.


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