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Devold Wool LS Breeze Man Button - Grey Melange

Devold Wool LS Breeze Man Button - Grey Melange


It’s one of those “locker room/ash/mélange” grays made with black and white yarns in a non-intimate blend, so it doesn’t look painted. Gray goes with everything, always looks good, readily shows sweat.
Henley history: Henley shirts got famous as underwear tops on English crew teams in the 1800s, and are named for Henley-on-Thames, with Henley being the town where England’s biggest rowing race, the Royal Regatta took place on the Thames River (or “the River Thames” as the British annoyingly say it). In crew tradition, the losers give their shirts to the winners, and some teams ended up with this style shirt, noted for its crew neck and a few buttons down the placket.

You can’t just buy a Henley willy-nilly. Some of them have contrasting plackets or outsized buttons or both, and sometimes the placket reaches halfway down. There are countless ways to meet the technical requirements of a Henley, yet still be not good looking. The Devold Henley is perfect.

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