Devold Wool Boxer Briefs



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These are the house favorites, and we wear them for riding, answering phones, hiking, going to the disco, and more riding. They don't get clammy, so you can keep them on all day, even after a sweaty ride in the morning.

Designed in Norway, made in Lithuania and 100 percent fine, soft merino wool. Devold strongly opposes the practice of Mulesing.

Mens styles only.

Waist sizes (inches):
28 to 30: Small.
30 to 33: Medium.
33 to 35: Large.
35 to 37: XL.
37 to about 39: 2XL.

Devold product name: This season they are called "Hiking Man Boxer" in color "Night" (blueish grey) with a multicolor elastic band.  If you haven't bought these in a couple of years, you may find that these are now looser and longer than your old ones.

By the way: No returns on underwear. It don't matter if you don't even open them. It's the law, and if you think we want to go into the slammer for taking returns on undies, you're morosely mistaken.


Black briefs ETA late June / early July.

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