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Cygolite Dart 210 USB

Cygolite Dart 210 USB


Cygolite Dart 210 USB

A fantastic mini bike light, unique* features, super incredible value, and Made in the USA.

Don't let the low ball budget price scare you, this is a very good, perhaps great little front light.

SIX modes—high, medium, low, and daytime flash, *SteadyPulse, and zoom (slow pulse). Use LOW to see and be seen while riding at night around town amongst the street lights. Use HIGH for faster riding and downhills. DAY FLASH goes off completely between blinks while SteadyPulse alternates between a bright and low powered beam, never blinking "off", so that the ground in front of you is always illuminated. Has memory for the last mode you used so no more pressing pressing the button a bunch of times to get it to your favorite setting.

It claims 210 and while that may seem like nothing these days of 6000 lumen bike lights, trust us, that 210 lumens is plenty for 96.662% of normal urban use. Side light windows are good for making you visible from the cross traffic and for lighting up your hands.

Easier than a peasa cake mounting with the integrated bungie rubber, grippy band, no tools needed, instant on and off. It fits all handlebars, no spacers or shims necessary, and you can also put it on fork blades, the headtube, racks, your helmet, almost any where ever you like - cool.

Less than 2.75" long (67 mm).

Run Times
-- High: 1.5 hours
-- Med: 3 hours
-- Low: 7 hours
-- *SteadyPulse (nightblink): 3 hours
-- Zoom: 6 hours
-- DayFlash: 15+ hours

Charge Time 3.5 hours.

Lithium-ion battery powered, good for at least 500 charging cycles.

Water resistant.

System Weight 40g---about 1.4oz.

USB to microUSB charging cord included. But you need something with a USB port, like a computer or TV since the little cord won't plug into a regular wall outlet. Or if you have a cellphone microUSB wallwart you can charge this light from a wall outlet using that.

NOTE 1 - Please practice the usual polite and safe and courteous and nice and friendly bike-lights-at-night rules and aim it down a little and point it away from oncoming bike and car and pedestrian and pet and baby stroller and wildlife traffic.

NOTE 2 - The bungie band is easy to lose so if you're taking it off all the time it's a good idea to stretch the band onto both hooks before you put it in your pocket.




Note: When Cygolite first introduced lithium ion USB chargeable all-in-one lights way back in 2010 as the Milion, it was "only" 100 lumens and cost over a $100. One of us here has been using a Milion ever since; it's still going strong, still plenty bright, still the best light he's ever used. This latest varient in the Milion/Expilion/Metro/Streak/Dart line has many more features, lots more lumens, and 1/3 the price. But don't be bummed if an even better and cheaper one comes out in a few months. So goes the ever thinking and creative engineers at Cygolite.




commuting, errands around town, S24O, handy little flashlight for walking the dog in the dark
Product Details
  • 210 lumens of powerful output
  • 1:30 ~ 15 hour run time
  • micro USB rechargeable internal Li-ion battery
  • 24/7 Safety Technology features exclusive night and day modes that enhance your visibility and safety, 24/7
  • 6 lighting modes: High - Medium - Low - SteadyPulse - Zoom - Day Flash
  • Unique SteadyPulse mode features attention grabbing triple pulses to alert motorists while the overlapping steady beam constantly lights your way at night
  • Powerful lightning-like Day Flash mode highlights your presence in broad daylight
  • Side light ports enhance your visual presence
  • Know when to charge with its built-in low battery indicator
  • Light mode memory recalls the last mode used
  • Water resistant design
  • Built tough and light, weighing a mere 40 g

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