WHEEL, front, 650B x 36h Phil -Rivy- high-flange hub Velocity Atlas web special*




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WHEEL, front, 650B x 36h Phil "Rivy" high-flange hub Velocity Atlas web special*

*Well, we occasionally build something that's a duplicate already built, so here's one of those.


Front wheel, Velocity Atlas rim, 36h, 650B (584mm bsd). Phil "Rivy" high-flange hub.

Built by Hands on Wheels, DTSwiss double butted 14/15/14g spokes. Nickle-plated brass nipples.

Price: $400.
Shipping: $28

Rim tape and quick release skewer included.

Our wheelbuilder, Rich Lesnik, is as good a wheel builder as we know, or have ever known. Every one of us rides his wheels, and we ride them hard and long, and are constantly amazed at the abuse they seem to slough off. Rich is meticulous and uses only the rims and spokes he likes and trusts. He doesn’t build superlight wheels, either (except for Mark here), so don’t ask.

All of our wheels are 3x (three-cross), use butted DT spokes, and…well, they’re just No Nonsense wheels for all-around hard use riding.

Sometimes somebody will think, hey, I’m getting some special wheels….might as well get super expensive hubs. That’s reasonable, but actually is unnecessary. The Shimano LX and XT hubs we have are rock solid, smooth, problem free, and keep the price down. If you want fancier (Phil, White Industries, DT), we can do that, too. Rich can, that is.

There's an almost endless combination of hubs, rims, and spokes to assemble into wheels so for now we just have the standards listed below, but if you want something special by all means call or email rich@rivbike.com.

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