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BIKES-R-BEST sticker (the "math sticker")

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BIKES-R-BEST/Math sticker 

Using symbols known to mathematicians all over the galaxy, this bulletproof 1" x 3" sticker states in zero uncertain terms that nothing is better or even as good as a bicycle. Two dollars from the big $3 sticker goes toward our BRF, as does one dollar from the small $2 jobs.

Since we don't want to have to keep track of sales, we count the stickers as we unpack 'em, then transfer that much to the account. But now you gotta buy one, OK? Since we've already transferred ye olde funds.  

One inch tall, three inches wide, made in America.

White: the original, the classique with true, 90-degree corners.

Navy: new sticker on ye olde blocke, with radius "corners" (not true corners)