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Frame - 50cm Atlantis for 26" Wheels - No Frame Prep

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This is 26" version of our classic Atlantis frameset.


This one is good for PBH's 79.5 to 83cm. The maximum stand over is 77.5cm.

What you can do on an Atlantis

The Rivendell Atlantis is what we've always called an All-Rounder. An Atlantis is as happy on the road as it is on fire trails, unloaded or heavily loaded. It's not for roadie weight cred or upside-down downhill MTB tricks, but for folks who ride their bikes often and everywhere, generally carrying more than just a water bottle.

It's an every day useful bike and your go-to touring bike. 

1Where it's made

These here Atlantises are made at our frame shop in Taiwan, where the majority of our framesets have been made for over a decade. Produced in runs of 30-per size and painted, prepped and packaged together, these frames fetch a more competitive price than our one-at-a-time frames.  Underneath, the investment-cast Rivendell lugs and custom drawn Silver tubes are the same. All frames are brazed and welded to the highest standards, with samples of each new production passing the rigorous EN tests. It's something you simply do not get with custom made single-production frames (custom builders don't make you two frames, then wreck one on a testing machine).

*If you will use Cantis, be sure to purchase cable hangers (not included)