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STYLE H (high top tube), formerly known as Boy’s bike; or
STYLE L (low top tube), formerly known as Girl’s bike


45cm / 26-inch traditional mountain bikey size wheels.
Typical rider height: 5-0 to 5-5

52cm / 27.5-inch new mountain bikey size wheels.
Typical rider height: 5-5 to 5-11

If you have some parts you want to use or you boldly believe can spec a better value than we can, or you have a special need we don’t know about, or you hate the idea of riding an “off the shelf” something even if there’s likely to be no more than 50 in the country in your size and frame type and color…then get a frame and spec it yourself!

We can help with the parts you don’t have, and we’ll give you a good start—and all the free advice you need along the way. A CLEM SMITH JR frame and fork is not just a CLEM SMITH JR frame and fork. It comes with—

• HEADSET. The same sealed aluminum headset we use on $4,000+ bikes. It’s made by FSA, and is essentially perfect. The headset sell for $45 retail

• BOTTOM BRACKET. A Shimano, with sealed bearings (costs $40). The spindle is 110mm, and fits the SILVER and SUGINO cranks we sell, and no doubt many others. But if you want to know which others, you’re on your own. We’re giving you the bottom bracket, but you can do your own research. We’d tell you if we knew. You should just get a SUGINO XD or a SILVER crank, anyway.

• SEAT POST. A Kalloy (Taiwan’s best maker) aluminum post that’s kind of a shameless NITTO copy. It’s 29.8mm if 59cm or 64cm frame size and 26.8 if 45cm or 52cm frame size, fits the hole, and is longer than you’ll need it. Don’t cut it. Costs $25 in a bike shop.

The rear hub spacing is 135mm so it fits most mountain bike or touring bike hubs. There are mounts for two water bottles, but with a modicum of creativity you can add a third. Racks go on easily. There’s room for monster tires (up to 2.4in) and fenders. You won’t get deep into the assembly of your CLEM, and then cuss us for not thinking of this or that, because we did. If there’s something you just can’t fit on your CLEM SMITH JR, then you might want to rethink putting it on.

Note on colors: We may have some other colors from 2015 still. Ask.

Shipping rates are (not matter what the cart says and always ground):
$60 to California
$69 West of the Mississippi
$79 East of the Mississippi

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