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65cm Clem Smith Jr. H-Style Complete

65cm Clem Smith Jr. H-Style Complete

$1,200.00 $1,500.00

Only 65cm (XXL) complete bikes remain. Price reduced again.

Available in dark green and mustard!

In a parallel bicycle world unaffected by marketing and posturing and unsullied by racing technology, everybody who owned more than one bike would have at least one CLEM SMITH JR. That’s how good it is.

It’s one of those rare but not unheard of things that is more than the sum of it's parts., and in fact as good as the parts are (more on these later), they’re overshadowed by
what the CLEM feels like to ride, and all you can do on it.

It’s the most comfortable bike we’ve ever sat on. It’s ideal for touring, trails, commuting, shopping, and non-racy day rides. You can ride it stripped down, or fendered, basketed and bagged, and loaded with potatoes and camping gear.

The frame has passed the Mountain EN test, the toughest internationally accepted bike test in the world. The graphics are tasteful, from the manhole cover headbadge to the seat tube decal showing Clem himself climbing out of the sewer and politely doffing his cap to the ladies.

The parts are an unconservative, unusual mix that work in perfect harmony.

And the CLEM SMITH JR costs just $1,500. It is our own design, and is sold only by us and about seven other special dealers in the world. We will make fewer than 100 CLEMs this year, each of them ready for 50 years of work and play.


52cm / 27.5-inch new mountain bikey size wheels.
Typical rider height: 5-8 to 6-1

59cm and 65cm / 29-inch semi-new mountain bikey size wheels.
Typical rider height for 59cm: 5-10 to 6-4
Typical rider height for 65cm: 6-4 to 7-0

Find out more here.

Shipping rates are (not matter what the cart says and always ground):
$120 to California
$155 West of the Mississippi
$170 East of the Mississippi

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