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Clem L Complete 64cm

$1,500.00 $1,600.00
The Clems are our less expensive but no less functional models. They ride the same as our most expensive frames, but we've brought the cost down by
  • Tig welding most of the joints
  • Having the completes assembled where they're made, in Taiwan

Most of the joints are tig welded but we've included the lugs that are most important to us. Clem L's have, on the 52 and 59cm respectively, our Cheviot heart-y seatlug, or our tough socket'ed lug. Both have our RC-05 wide flat-shouldered crown that's also used on our Hunqapillar and allows tires up to a 2.4 easily. The decals are understated and show up well against the paint. See Clem coming out of the sewer?

The Clems are billed as super-commuters, but they can easily be built up as rigid mountain bikes or racked-up camping bikes. The Clem L is especially good for kid hauling, as you can step through the middle of the frame easily instead of swinging a leg over your kid.

These bikes are going to be around and in use in 40 years and they'll still be great bikes then. There's nothing weird about them and they'll require very little service beyond changing brake pads and chain-rings when they eventually wear. If you're enterprising enough, what service they will need is easily learned with some inexpensive tools and a couple Youtube videos. If not, they'll be a breath of fresh air for your LBS's mechanic. Nothing is hidden in blackboxes and there's nothing electronic. That's a good thing.

STYLE H (high top tube), formerly known as Boy’s bike; or
STYLE L (low top tube), formerly known as Girl’s bike


45cm / 26-inch traditional mountain bikey size wheels.
Typical rider height: 5-0 to 5-5

52cm / 27.5-inch new mountain bikey size wheels.
Typical rider height: 5-5 to 5-11

59cm /700c newish mountain bike size (29r)
Typical rider height: 5-7 to 6-3
2017 Complete Clem builds have changed a bit since the last run. Here's the list, changes are in bold.
  • FSA Duron headset
  • Nitto Tallux Stem (11cm for the 52, 12cm for the 59)
  • 55cm Cromo Bosco
  • Silver 38/24 Cranks (173mm for 52, 178mm for the 59)
  • Deore Rear Derailleur
  • Claris front derailleur
  • Deore V-Brakes
  • Sunrace BLM V-brake levers
  • Microshift Thumbies, mounted inboard the way we like 'em
  • Nine speed 12-34 Sunrace cassette
  • Alex DM24 rims 32/36
  • 9 speed chain
  • Non-Pletscher but still good kickstand
  • Kalloy Post (29.8mm for the 59, 26.8 for the 45 and 52)
  • Grey housing
Shipping rates are (not matter what the cart says and always ground):
$120 to California
$155 West of the Mississippi
$170 East of the Mississippi

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