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Chef Recommends - Tandem Build - for Local Pickups Only

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Want a drag brake?
Want a dyno wheelset?
What type of shifter for the rear derailer?

Important: Please only add this to your cart if you're picking up the bike. We aren't able to ship complete tandems.

Add this to your cart if you're getting a HubbuHubbuH and you want us to build it. This price is based on the build shown in the pictures and then we knocked the price back $300. We can do a la carte builds too, but this package is pretty flexible. If you choose this option, please let us know the following:

  • The captain's PBH and height
  • What handlebars you want for both the front and back. We recommend dual Boscos.

You can also pick using the options below whether you'd like:

  • A dynamo wheelset
  • an indexed or friction shifter for the rear derailer (we never do index fronts)
  • a drag brake for the stoker.

Drag brakes aren't necessary for casual riders, but if you plan on taking your HubbuHubbuH touring or down long descents, it's a nice, fairly inexpensive add-on.

This package includes a Pletscher touring kickstand and cloth-over-cork grips, but no saddles or pedals.  Please add those to your cart as well if you need em. Call us with questions at 800-345-3918.