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Book - Behind the Scenes

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Behind the Scenes
Thirty years a slave, and four years in the White House
a memoir by Elizabeth Keckley
Most people don't know any more about President Lincoln than that he freed the slaves, did the Gettysburg Address, was assassinated in the Ford Theater by John Wilkes Booth, and is now on the penny and $5 bill. That may be enough, but there are plenty of 600p biographies about Lincoln that you, like me, will probably not read (I have one, I might. You?)
That's OK. You can wikipedia him and get the synopsis in fifteen minutes.
You still might want to get this book, though. It's author was a slave for 30 years, and she tells what that was like. You have an idea, but here's a woman recounting details. Yes, they're sad details, but they're well told, and she's an amazing writer.
Ms. Keckley was Mary Todd Lincoln's dressmaker, confidant, and best friend. Mary Todd Lincoln has been marketed as a crazy woman, but this book tells a different story. She was special and could be challenging, but according to the woman in the world who knew her best and had no reason to lie, she was kind, sympathetic, and sharp.
This book tells all of that, and sheds some funky shade on Lincoln's vice president and replacement, Andrew Johnson.
It's a short book, easy to read. The copy I got has no publishing information other than "Made in San Bernadino, CA 27 June 2019." We're selling you a more normal one.


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