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Bike Snob Abroad

Bike Snob Abroad

Bike Snob Abroad

Eben Weiss is the Bike Snob, has the BSNYC blog, many of you know that. He’s a married late-thirties father of a toddler, and the whole family went to Amsterdam, London, and some place in Italy to ride bikes locals-style, and he wrote about it here. What that horrible sum-up doesn’t say, and what I’m reluctant to even try to say for fear or sounding too over the top, is how well and entertainingly he writes about it. We’ve all heard the stories of Amsterdam, the “why can’t we be like them?” from every American who sees it and comes back home overly inspired, and there’s none of that in here. It’s more like you’re riding on his handlebars, seeing all he sees, getting as close to doing it yourself as you can without actually doing that.
I’m a big fan of Eben’s writing. His style is—whatever it is---and I find it grabbing, easy to read, and never ever boring, trite, or predictable. I’m sure I’ll ride a bike in Europe before I die, but now that I’ve read this book I can put it off a few more years. I mean that as a compliment to the book, not a knock on Europe. I’d say get it.

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