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Bells - Jingle

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One's arsenal of bells can ne'er be too big, and these are unique in the world of bicycle bells, are the best at some things and the worst at none. Rather than "pinging" the pedestrian ahead of you—kind of like a car honk— you jingle-the-bell,simultaneously alerting them and putting them in a non-combative Christmas spirit.
For controlled jingling, let the bell hang by your grip. Roman rocks his off his saddle. I've got one on a basket and on a grip. We supply the New England-made bell with18-inches of American made twine and a rare earth magnet probably made from minerals mined in China, but we prefer not to dwell on that. U-can-tie-your own knot, but consider a barrel knot ("double fisherman's knot," even though climbers use it and fishermen don't). Or a surgeon's knot, or a double-figure-8, or even whatever knot you like, but the one's listed won't come loose.
1.25-inch Nickel (silver) bell with higher pitch
1.5-inch Brass bell with lower
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