Frame lock Band boss bolts




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Little black boxes that are connected to a little grippy plastic-sheathed metal band type thing that's meant for attaching a frame lock to a bike without lock braze-ons on the seatstays.

But they can be used for strapping-on lots of different things all over the bike where there are no braze-ons.  Add another bottle cage to your downtube.  Or to your fork.  No idea what weight rating these got so we recommend that you only use them for waterbottle cages.  If you want to be extra safe, double up on them for heavier than usual waterbottle cages.  There's about 12mm of exposed bolt mounting length to work with once it's tightened down.  Or remove the little threaded bolts and use whatever M5 hardware you got instead.

Band length is 6-1/2" (16cm) which is long enough to go around all steel frame tubes, and many alu and other weird shaped frames, too.  Super easy installation: clean your frame with a bit of rubbing alcohol, stick on the sticky strip or use a fun color of newbaums handlebar tape, wrap the band 'round, tighten the bolt to hold the band in place and cut the excess band with a scissor. Allen tool, m5 nuts, sticky rubber sticker strips included.


Sold per pair.  Made in Deutschland.




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