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Light - B&M Eyc T Senso Plus Dyno Headlight

Light - B&M Eyc T Senso Plus Dyno Headlight

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New Busch&Muller dynamo headlight, full name: Lumotec IQ2 Eyc T Senso plus. Eyc rhymes with bike. Lower powered for commuting and city night riding (50 lux -- good for being seen and for seeing potholes,) with an onboard super capacitor for standlight mode and a light sensor -- so you can leave it on all the time. The sensor auto-switches between daytime running light mode and when it's dark, full-on night time brightness

Everyone here seems drawn to the svelte/cute dimensions of this little headlight, but rest assured it's no lightweight. 50 lux is plenty for riding in the city, and, based on what some of us have gotten away with on moonlit trails, it's probably decent for lower speed non-city riding, too. Grant has been pedaling the dark streets of Walnut Creek on his Eyc-equipped Sam and gives his approval.

If you don't need the super bright beam or bells-n-whistles of the Luxos B/U, or the rando-styling of the Schmidt Edelux, this might be the headlight for you. Compact, bright, and reliable. Notice I didn't write "cheap," though it's certainly not expensive.

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